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[Dazhong Daily] Laiyang: "Dual Line" Think Tank Helps Enterprises Solve Problems

Time:2021-09-20 14:01:55



"Our company is undergoing the transformation of automated production line equipment, and encountered some technical difficulties. In the past two days, Professor Liu from Zhejiang University and Professor Chen from Jilin University gave us a lot of technical guidance. It is really a “Sending charcoal in the snow” for the development of our company." Laiyang Ding Jiangtao, general manager of Jiabao Auto Parts Co., Ltd. said gratefully. In the past few days, in order to help companies resume work as soon as possible and alleviate the urgent needs of companies for talents in short supply, Laiyang City has adopted the online and offline "dual-line" service model to build bridges between talents and enterprises and boost their confidence in resuming work and production.



"When visiting Jiabao Auto Parts Co., Ltd., we learned that the company is considering management model updates and technological upgrading, but lacks the planning and guidance of high-level talents in related fields. So we immediately combined the talents needed by the company with high-level talents. The expert database was matched, and a group of suitable experts were quickly 'locked in'." According to Xu Qiang, director of the Laiyang High-level Talent Management Service Center, they contacted Professor Chen, a foreign talent from the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of Jilin University. , Inviting both talented and enterprise parties to "online" matchmaking talks by means of video conferences, answering and guiding enterprise doubts online; After learning that Professor Liu from the School of Mechanical Engineering of Zhejiang University is still returning to Laiwei, he invited "offline" Professor Liu walked into the production line of the enterprise, learned in detail about the problems of enterprise management and technological transformation, conducted on-site "checking the pulse", and put forward 6 development suggestions to help clarify the idea of enterprise development.



Since the beginning of this year, Laiyang City has continuously increased its efforts in contacting and serving foreign talents, adopting a "two-line" service model, and continuously gathering the wisdom and power of foreign talents. “Online” established 2 high-level talent WeChat exchange groups, with more than 150 people joining the group, and “visiting” more than 80 talents from abroad. With the help of the cloud video conference system, the first Laiyang online recruitment of talents was held. In the business matchmaking conference, 22 high-level talents including national experts and the Ten Thousand Talents Program were invited to participate, and 9 items of cooperation intentions including technical cooperation and graduate employment internships were reached among talented enterprises. "Offline" took advantage of the favorable opportunity for foreign talents to return home before the Spring Festival to hold the "Sangzi Maker" Hometown Feelings and Laiyang City Foreign Talents Conference, inviting more than 50 high-level Laiyang talents abroad to participate in the event, focusing on the "double move" Actively offer suggestions and suggestions, such as "double citation", conversion of new and old kinetic energy, and "village revitalization". After the company resumed work, it visited 13 key companies in the city, including Shenghua Technology and Dachai Cylinder Block and Cylinder Head, to further understand the technology and talent needs of the company, and selected 5 Laiyang natives to be included in the scope of application candidates, and to gather the strength of overseas talents. Contribute to the high-quality development of hometown.